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Curt Trailer Hitches Fitguide & Hitch Receiver Products

The exclusive ORS Racks Direct Trailer Hitch Fit Guide allows you to find and order the ideal hitch receiver and accessories for your vehicle and needs. Trailer hitches offer universal applications, such as using the hitch bike racks and sport tow trailers we sell. Get started now by choosing your vehicle year below. CURT matches our policy of great customer service with a team of technicians that can answer questions you may have about hitch receivers for your vehicle from pre-purchase through the installation process.

Trailer Hitch Fit Guide

Use our quick step by step process to find the trailer hitch and accessories that fit your vehicle.

Step 1: What year was your vehicle manufactured?

Curt Trailer Hitch & Hitch Receiver Products

CURT receiver style trailer hitches, proudly made in the USA, are built to look good and last for years.

About Curt Hitches:

ORS Racks Direct chooses to sell Curt Hitch products not only for their quality but also for Curt’s commitment to customer service and installation assistance. When you purchase a Curt Hitch product from us you can install yourself or take to a local garage or towing specialist to put it on your vehicle for you. If you have specific fit, installation or technical questions call CURT’s dedicated technical support team at 1-800-798-0813.

Trailer Hitch Knowledge Center:

Helpful information for determining which hitch bike racks work with hitch receivers:

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